The Google cardboard headset is kind of a do this on your own set that has been presented in the yr 2014 by Google. The set has been offered by Google just recently with its play shop. It is offered for $15 and is simple to obtain put together to look like a wireless headset of virtual reality. It is an easy audience practically, primarily since it is user-friendly and is a standalone gadget. It needs iOS or an android os telephone to collect its screen and handling power. It is also easy to become utilized, the moment the cardboard kit is being truly provided, individuals will need to just fold up it, slot it in the telephone so regarding exploring a range of cardboard video games.

VR box summary

The VR Headset is a strong cosmetic variation of the Google cardboard headset included with totally flexible eyeball contacts.


The lens appears equally as kids’ field glasses, and it is feasible to change their setting in the measurements, deepness and size depending upon the video clip or the request. Every single request on the Google cardboard includes a various field of vision and individuals may need to change the headset for various requests.


These headsets are to obtain slammed versus a single’s skin difficult and thus are needed to become comfy. The VR Headset thinks so comfy compared with the initial cardboard headset and if required extra padding might be utilized in the bordering location for people along with a spine face.

VR Box Evaluation - Google Card Board Headset

Phone owner

The phone owner has stuffing on each its edges where the telephone obtains kept in location. The owner has openings on each its edges to enable the individual to include battery charger and headphones, to ensure that whenever the gadget remains in usage, there will not be numerous disorders to with energy and individual might obtain saturated in the VR box a lot longer.