Dark Brown Balayage Hair Shade Ideas For 2019

If you are not well acquainted with balayage, it is a French hair shading technique where the hair is painted using your hands rather than the old school accentuating techniques which commonly used cap and foil highlighting. This method helps to get a more modern and natural effect with subtle transitions the selected hues, whether red, blonde or natural hues such as common pastels or neon. Check it here.

The balayage technique is considered the original and hottest tailored hair hue solution in modern days. Our classic list is composed of cutest balayage looks of 2029. These beautiful and charming dark brown balayage ideas will not leave you uninspired. Take a look.

  1. Extended Waves and Caramel Balayage.

Elongated hair, dropping curls, and camel highlights give you timeless style combination. Many stunning V-cut layers are the best way to enhance movement to your locks and highlight the cool undertones running throughout the hair. It is ridiculously chic and sophisticated haircut every woman should try this year.

  1. Very Understated Brunette Blonde.

The hottest balayages are the ones where all hues fade seamlessly into each other and beautifully blend into each other. As glamorous as the melange of colours, it is essential to have a good hairstyle to pair. Tell your hair stylist to include layers for movement, especially, if you are blessed with long hair.

  1. Cool-Toned Brown Balayage.

Every shade looks great with balayage-dark brown balayage hair not excluded. It is all about choosing the right tone to match your natural hair and the great look you want to achieve. If you want a haircut that is a little more elaborate and polished, choose the ashen brown to make your look somehow light.

  1. Ash Blonde V-Cut.

You will always get it right if you choose this staple Cali haircut. Platinum, blonde accents match well with ashy brown hair and give you a sun-kissed vibe. Besides if you pair it with V-cut, you will get a stunning look especially if you have fine hair. It mainly boosts the dimension and volume of the whole style.

  1. Dimensional Platinum Blonde and Ash Brown.

Do you know why balayage haircut is so popular? Well, this haircut is liked by many women and envied by many alike thanks to its fantastic dimension and depth. If you wear this haircut, you will not need anyone to tell you that you look gorgeous. You will immediately know it!

Besides, this style can be customised with any colour you like such as platinum, or dark colours.

Dark Brown Balayage Hair Shade Ideas For 2019

  1. Dark Blonde Hair and Platinum Hints.

Did the foils for some time and opt for dark brown balayage hair with highlights. This beautiful styling technique leaves your tresses looking sun-kissed. This is a lovely idea for dishwater blondes. Incorporating icy streaks is a great way to loosen up the dark, dirty blonde roots.

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