Distance coaching can be applied to quite a few situations. At one point, I was working for a communications company that applied this concept in a couple of different ways regarding training new employees. We were taught remotely by two different people in two separate locations. Have you ever had an experience with distance learning or coaching software?

There are many benefits or advantages to this type of coaching or learning. I saw many of these benefits firsthand, but at the same time, distance learning has its drawbacks, too. If you are going to participate in this type of learning process in one form or another, it’s important that you know both the advantages and disadvantages.

One factor that often applies to many situations is that the instruction can cost less. That’s certainly a good thing, but quality does matter when it comes to training. The learning process was about training for a specific job in the example that I provided above. What type of distance coaching are you going to be involved with?

One thing about this type of coaching is you can work with whomever you want based on the simple fact that the entire process can be handled remotely. You can learn all kinds of valuable information from this type of instruction, without you having to be face to face with a teacher. Instructors handle everything online, and in some instances, they don’t even have to be present via video conferencing.

Distance learning

During my online courses with the instructor at the communications company, we were only with the teacher about half the time. He communicated to us through a headset, but he didn’t do video conferencing. The other half the time when we weren’t talking back and forth directly with him, we were studying via modules that were made available to us.

There are different ways that distance learning or coaching can be handled for sure. Think about how it applies to your situation if you are going to set up a program. Maybe instead you are the one who is going to be signing up for the program like I did. If that’s the case, reap the benefits that coaching from a distance provides you, and you will have experiences to tell as well like I have here. While this type of learning does have its disadvantages, too, the experience will work out well for you, teaching you what you need to know.